Coronavirus: Mam-Camila Sodi launches powerful message for the coronavirus


Coronavirus Where is the humanity

Camila Sodi in #ViveNetflix.
Camila Sodi in #ViveNetflix.

Ernestina Sodi, mother of the actress Camila Sodi, mand a strong message against the humanity in this quarantine due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world, ensures that devastate everything in their path.

“Termites locked up leaving to live and breathe our earth and our ecosystem. Sun because we hide a few days? With that right-destroy it all. But as you pass our antdoto. The antdoto of the truth. S, we are a termite-human, destroying everything in our path”, comment to the Tribune.

Finaliz inviting people to look beyond their cell phones: “Really where we were? To always see to the bottom with our phones that we idiotizan? I do not believe that we were created to look down. And now, brother, to where you look? Up? You can finally see the other and you’re watching yourself,” aadi Ernestina.

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