Coronavirus march 30. Mexico exceeds thousand cases of coronavirus; add thousand 94 cases and 28 deaths


In Mexico add up to the court today a total of one thousand 94 positive cases coronavirus Covid-19.

In a press conference, the deputy secretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell reported that, in addition, we recorded 28 dead.

The official said that “we are in a phase of rapid rise”, in relation to the pandemic of coronavirus.

He said the measures taken by the General Health Council, which met today, are:

* Immediate suspension, from today until the 30 of April of non-essential activities, to mitigate the dispersion of the virus of public and private sectors, “that is to say, everything.”
* He said that for the non-essential activities, are not to be recorded gatherings of over 50 people.
* Calls upon the entire people to fulfill the shelter home, “remaining in the home as long as possible”.
* The receipt, said it is strict for the population older than 60 years or with hypertension, diabetes, heart or lung disease.
* You must defer all censuses and surveys
*All measures should be implemented with strict adherence to human rights

After the announcement of the measures, the holders of Sedena and Marina detailed the plans DNII and plan Marina, and the preparations are already ready for the pandemic.

Marcelo Ebrard, the chancellor, read a decree of the General Health Council, where he says that “given the situation” of the coronavirus, has issued a number of measures, and that he considers this problem as a serious illness.

The council “has determined to declare health emergency by cause of force majeure”, with the aim of protecting the health of mexicans.

He said that the Secretariat of Health will issue all of the shares, and the agreement will enter into force, and until 30 April 2020.

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The context

Today in the afternoon met the General Health Council in the National Palace.

Until this Sunday, the Secretariat of Health had been informed that there were 993 confirmed cases, two thousand 564 suspects and 20 dead by coronavirus.

The afternoon of this Monday, the Ministry of Health of Tabasco revealed that a person who is infected with Covid-19 he was not in quarantine and he had contact with 280 people, so it is looking at all of them to keep them in observation.

In addition, it was disclosed that already are implementing new protocols to prevent infections in the International airport of Mexico City.

Have a look here at the live conference:


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