Coronavirus. Member of the PES gives positive Covid-19; no other legislator as a suspected case


A member of the Party Social Gathering, Mary of Jesus Rosete gave positive in the test coronavirusin both the legislator Miguel Acundo and staff is currently isolated in his home, on suspicion of having contracted the virus.

The state of health of Rosete is stable, it is under close observation, as was requested isolation to the staff that was in contact with both.

Rosete is a federal delegate for the 8th district of the City of Mexico and leader of street traders.

Up to now it is unknown the circumstances of the contagion, but sources of the parliamentary group confirmed the diagnosis, but with state of health stable.

The legislator went to the last sessions, the 18 and 19 march and still Wednesday, 25 gave a press conference in the room of reporters of the Chamber of Deputies, to promote its initiative of constitutional reform to bring the law to the informal workers.

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Therefore, the PES sought to co-workers and the media who had contact with her, “to follow the medical protocols for the prevention, care and follow-up”.

Just yesterday, the mp responded on Twitter to the former president Felipe Calderón and his criticisms of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador have called to go to markets and fondas.

“In my opinion, if you have eaten or buy something outside the home, it is preferable to do it in places where you have water and sanitary facilities, to at least be likely that the grooming of hands and dishes is done correctly. It may not be possible in the farmers ‘ markets and jobs,” said Calderon.

“Perhaps you are right that, possibly, there is more risk buying at swap meets and posts, but a lot of people that work in those places we are taking the estimates of health have been instructed to minimise any contagion,” said the mp yesterday; today unveiled its diagnosis.

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Acundo Gonzalez, is the lawgiver of the PES for the state of Puebla and the president of the commission of Conservation and Development Rural, Agricultural and Food self-Sufficiency.

Is the secretary of the Housing Commission, to which came the deputy Jorge Alcíbiades García Lara, Baja California, of Citizen Movement and who last Thursday informed that he was infected with the virus.

Saturday was notified of the second case of the mep and migrant Mary Libier Gonzalez, a legislator who participated on 11 and 12 march, in committee meetings and plenary.

So, until the time they are 3 known cases of mps with coronavirus Covid19 confirmed, one of the PES and two of MC, as one suspect.


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