Coronavirus Mexico | confirmed Cases rising to 1,890 and the deaths continue to increase in the DF Off Side


The cases continue to rise. The Secretariat of Health of Mexico has confirmed that the 5 of April the number of infected by coronavirus has increased to 1,890 and the number of deceased has grown to 79 deaths. The figures are more critical, is recorded in Mexico City, with more than 460 infected patients.

According to the data handled by the system of health of mexico, the group of people that have the greatest impact of contagion are between 40 and 49 years old. Of this segment, 58% are male, while the remaining percentage are women.

In the last message of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador it is detailed that you are making overseas purchases of material protection for health personnel, in space, which they are in contact with patients coronavirus.

Also, noted that this pandemic is a ‘transitory crisis’ for Mexico, both on the side of health and in the economic sector, as with the new provisions given by the president, it had to close several stores, among them, the brewer in three states.

The governors of the 31 states of Mexico, followed the measures taken by the state of emergency, national public health, declared last Monday. This was combined with the own initiatives of each governorate to control the outbreak of COVID-19.

By the decree of the state of emergency, is suspended immediately and until April 30, the non-essential activities in the public and private sector, without specifying whether this would have an impact on the wage system of the employees.


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