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Coronavirus Take extreme precautions not est dems to avoid ms contamination

Leaving shoes outside the home helps to prevent infections...
Leaving shoes outside the home helps to prevent the infection of coronavirus
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No measure is low when it comes to preventing any contagion to a pandemic such as the coronavirus.

The quick expansion of the new COVID-19 has also hardened the recommendations to avoid an ms your propagacin in everyday actions.

After having it very clear that you must wash your hands constantly, do not touch your face, nose, mouth and eyes, or social distance, the experts at prevention have reported other measures.

Use a pair of shoes that preference is exclusively for when you are away from home to any essential activity. When you get home quitrselos and leave them at the door from the outside.

Have a box at the entrance of the house where the deposit objects that are not likely to need such as wallet, purse, or car keys and the house itself, as well as cash.

Disinfect with hand sanitizers or alcohol, for objects that have been touched outside of the home as glasses or cellular telephone.

If you lived with other people in enclosed spaces, you must remove the clothing without shaking it and put it in a bag until you wash them for re-use.

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