Coronavirus Nuevo Leon today, 29 April. Latest news and cases, in vivo


In Nuevo León, were recorded 18 new cases of coronavirus according to the latest report from the Secretariat of Health in the state, adding up to 664 people positive of covid-19. Of those, 62 per cent of the cases are men and 38 percent women.

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In Nuevo León rises to 664 positive cases of covid-19

In Nuevo Leon, the positive cases to covid-19 rose from 646 to 664, which is divided in: 271 confirmed by private laboratories, 67 positive in private hospitals, and 326 confirmed by the Institute of Diagnostics and Reference Epidemiology (Indre).

The date add up to 10 thousand 512 tests carried out in the state; of these, 2 thousand 827 in private laboratories, 2 thousand 348 in private hospitals, and 5 thousand 337 validated by the Indre.

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In celebration online, Live Better Citizen, to disseminate the rights of children

To celebrate the Day of the Child, the civil association Living Better Citizen and will organize a series of cultural events, which will be transmitted via social networks.

The day The big day will include storytelling, singing, opera, puppet show, drawing and a dialogue where we address the rights of children, all over the April 30.

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Get Profeco in NL 113 complaints in quarantine

The holder of the Profeco Nuevo León (Profeco), Aaron González, stated that during a public health emergency by the coronavirus, in Nuevo Leon and northern Coahuila, by that committee, have been raised up with 113 complaints from consumers.

The federal official said that this results in three business suspended for the abuse to the consumer, in prices in inputs of high consumption in this period.

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Presumed to San Pedro, which is 73% stays in house

The nuevoloneses are staying at home in 67 per cent and 73 per cent in the municipality of San Pedro, said Wednesday the mayor Miguel Treviño de Hoyos.

In your space of communication with its inhabitants called “Find out”, broadcast on Facebook Live, the mayor sampetrino unveiled a chart prepared by the Organization of the United Nations where is collapsing the mobility in the State and the municipality that he heads.

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Spend NL almost a billion pesos in covid-19

The secretary of Finance and the state treasurer, Carlos Garza Ibarra, reported that in the state of Nuevo León total 979.8 million pesos allocated to the contingency caused by the covid-19.

Of which, 641.8 million pesos are for the adjustment to the expense.

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EEC extends suspension of activities until 30 may

In attention to the latest recommendations issued by authorities to be in Phase 3 of the pandemic covid-19the State Elections commission (CEE) extended the period of suspension of time limits within the sanctioning procedures, resources and other procedures followed in the form of a judgment by the agency.

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UANL and company Kronos Dta created fan to treat coronavirus

The company Kronos Dta and researchers of the UANL created a mechanical ventilator to treat the coronavirus covid-19, whose trademark will be G3-Prolife.

The director of the University Hospital“Dr. José Eleuterio González” and Faculty of Medicine (FAMED) of the UANL, Edelmiro Perez Rodriguez, explained that the production needs will depend on those who require these teams: Mexico, Nuevo León, and other countries.

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