Coronavirus. NY announces closing of public schools for the remainder of the school year


New York.- The mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, announced Saturday the closure of the public schools of the city during the remainder of the school year, a measure that was labeled a “painful” but “necessary to save lives,” to be able to continue implementing social distancing and beat the coronavirus.

“This decision is not easy nor satisfactory to those who have been making efforts so that our children get the best education possible,” said De Blasio in a press conference.

The public education system of New York, the largest in the united States and has 1.1 million students, closed its schools, the past 15 of march and initiated a distance education system, a week later.

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This Friday, the number of deaths rose in 799, for a total of more than 7 thousand throughout the state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo described the deaths as an indicator lagging behind, which reflects the demise of people who fell ill at the beginning of the outbreak.

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