Coronavirus. Omar Fayad, governor of Hidalgo, gives a positive Covid-19


Through your account sitter Twitter, Omar Fayad, governor of Hidalgoannounced that gave positive test coronavirus.

He noted that the staff with whom he made various tours in hospitals as well as at the bus station, keep to the protocols establishing the Secretariat of Health.

Said that since her quarantine at home will work and will direct efforts to control the epidemic of this virus in the state of Hidalgo. “Nothing will stop us to overcome together in this crisis”.

The governor of Hidalgo from which you launched the hospital inflatable 18 has held a series of tours in various clinics and hospitals to oversee the work in the right way in this epidemic.

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In the morning toured the hospital del niño DIF, where gave to know that there was a baby of five months of age suspected of having contracted the disease. He also reported that he maintained supervision at the central camionera to determine what you are carrying out the correct measures.
At the moment have not been given to know who are the officials that are made to accompany and who will maintain a quarantine, as well as the people who had contact

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