Coronavirus. Osorio Chong, ex-secretary of the Interior, gives positive to coronavirus


The coordinator of the PRI in the Senate, Miguel Angel Osorio Chongsaid to be infected of Covid-19, two weeks that the full Senate to discuss and avalara the Amnesty Law. It is the first senator mexican with coronavirus.

“I inform you that I had to perform the test of the Covid-19, I came out positive. Attending to the medical recommendations, I’ll be sheltered in my house”, he wrote in their social networks.

Sources consulted by EL UNIVERSAL detailed that the senator and former secretary of the Interior remains asymptomatic, and that the test that is performed to express recommendation.

The senator is part of the Permanent Commission of the Congress, which will be installed tomorrow in the Senate, but in quality of deputy Manuel Añorve.

Up to the time of the vote, the PRI for passing an extraordinary time and endorse reforms to the Federal Budget are maintained against.


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