Coronavirus. Plan for Covid-19 includes lower salaries to senior officials: AMLO


The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador he stated that as part of its economic recovery plan to address the contingency of the coronavirus it includes lowering wages and of the senior officials.

“We’re going to make an effort of high-ranking officials, is going to reduce in real terms, are frozen, no increase”.

In his press conference in National Palace, the holder of the Executive pointed out that the Sunday will be announced the economic stimulus plan and that this measure only applies to senior public officials and will be done in a proportionate manner.

“It’s going to win unless the President and as well down,” he said.

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The representative explained that for the public servants of the Federal Public Administration, that earn less than 30 or 20 thousand pesos and does not apply to, “is willing to tighten the belt us.”

In that context, the President asked the political parties to voluntarily surrender 50% of the entitlements which they receive or what they decide to face the contingency.

“We cannot take money to the people, on the contrary, do not like the conservatives, but this should not offend anyone. There are governments and governments that remove our government, the justice is to give more of less”.

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