Coronavirus. Prepare mega pit in Guanajuato by Covid-19


Guanajuato, Gto.- Public works municipality constructed a pit of large dimensions in the pantheon of Santa Teresato the west of the municipality, which plans to bury the remains of unidentified people who die by Covid-19.

The city government, headed by mayor Alejandro Navarro, said that he prepares for the “pit forward-looking” under a scheme of preventive actions that display the impact’s lethal Coronavirus.

The mega tomb also will be able to receive bodies of families who do not have resources to purchase a space.

“By way of prevention, the City Government of Guanajuato built this space to bury the remains without the identification of patients whose death resulting from respiratory complications caused by the coronavirus or whose families cannot afford the burial,” he said.


The dimension of the pit was supported by studies of the Municipal Council of Civil Protection; notes the technical measures necessary to eliminate any risk, he said.

In a statement pointed out that with that action the Government capital is added to the list of municipalities that act in advance before the dramatic rise of hiv infections and hospital admissions.

“Based on the protocol created by the pandemic of Covid-19, in this pit would be carried out burials for the new respiratory disease”, settled down.

He said that in coordination with the Directorate-General of Public Works, the Directorate-General of Public Services was able to accommodate this funerary space to complement the actions implemented with greater rigor and inflexibility against the coronavirus.

In addition, the mayor urged citizens not to relax the rules and abide by the instructions of the health sector, such as “#QuédateEnCasa”.

The state capital has recorded 2 deaths from Coronavirus, 9 confirmed cases and twelve suspects.

Close 12 cemeteries in Lion

In Leon, the mayor’s office ordered the closure of the pantheons from April 30 to may 14 to avoid the concentration of people on the occasion of the Child’s Day and Mother’s Day.

The purpose is to prevent cemeteries from becoming points of agglomeration and spreading possible of the infection of Coronavirus.

The closure will be in eight pantheons public of the municipality of León (two in urban areas and six in rural areas), as well as the four pantheons particular.

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