Coronavirus. Provide medical kits to suspects and patients Covid-19


The Government of Mexico City will deploy from the following week 123 brigades health that will be medical kit support for people who have symptoms or suffer from Covid-19 as a precautionary measure and does not spread of the virus.

It is worth mentioning that the 5 thousand kits that will be dealt are composed by a thermometer, 28 mask , paracetamol for 14 days, gel antibacterial for 14 days and a instructions for the care of the patient and their family.

“The action may seem minor, but it is extremely important to enable the isolation of the people who have these symptoms. They will bring this kit with the aim of belong at home”, said the head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

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In that sense, he explained that it is also delivered medical kits to people who have completed forms via text message and that Locatel has given him a follow-up to be considered suspected cases of coronavirus in cases that the applicant is insured with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) will deliver a kit of the federal agency.

The director of Benefits, Economic and Social IMSS, Mauricio Hernandez Aviladetailed that have 50 thousand kits with the same medical supplies which were donated by various companies,

Hernandez Avila made a call for people to remain at home to minimize to minimize any spread of Covid-19.

The authorities acknowledged that, although it may perform the testing of the coronavirus to all the people, it is recommended that they stay at home, although they may have other illness like flu, pneumonia, since the kit will serve all of the ways to reduce infection.

In charge of the Health capital, Oliva López Arellano explained that in the medical kit will come with a leaflet with various instructions such as hand washing, cleaning of common areas in the home.

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Tracking SMS

The director of the Digital Agency of Public Innovation, José Antonio Peña Merin, explained that there is an accumulated between the phase 1 and Phase 2 by the coronavirus of 210 thousand users that have requested guidance for SMS and Locatel.

In the Phase 2 have been resolved 15 thousand questionnaires of which have been confirmed via telephone to 42 with symptoms and has only been requested a transfer to emergency ambulance.

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