Coronavirus. Rats change their behaviour because of lack of human


Mexico city /

In some cities United Statesas New Orleans has reported great amounts of rats in the streets and invading colonies where they were controlled. This is due to the cuarentena by the Coronavirus Covid-19 has reduced the human activity.

“When you have una colony of rats that has been depending on tourists who spread waste and restaurants that throw a lot of junk at night, you can be in Washington DC, New York or any other place, and that disappears, then the rodents don’t know what to do“, explains the expert in rodents Robert Corrigan.

At least a third part of human beings altered their behaviors usual due to the threat of the disease covid-19.

In several countries, the quarantines that are carried out mean that the garbage that depended on the rats is no longer available at all, and this forces the rodents to adapt also.


In different parts of the world, many animals have taken advantage of that humans have been quarantined to come back on cities, beaches or places where it normally did not.

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