Coronavirus. Rise up to 70 confirmed cases in Nuevo León


Monterrey.- After reporting that the number of patients confirmed Covid-19 amounted to 70, four more than the Saturday, and 39 other positive in private laboratories, are pending confirmation by the Indre, while there are 60 suspected cases and zero deaths, the secretary of Health, Manuel de la O Cavazos, announced that it will launch a research protocol to manage plasma of people have already curedto patients in critical situation.

The state official pointed out that since he spoke by telephone with five of the ten nuevoleoneses who contracted the respiratory disease and have been discharged, after which they conducted two tests of the type PCR that were negative, and all of them agreed on donating plasma that is used as a treatment option to patients in critical situation.

This research protocol is based on two scientific articles, the first published the 27 of march in magazine Called in great international prestige, which refers to a study of five patients who were administered the plasma of five people already cured of covid-19.

He added that the requirement to comply was that the patients were in very serious condition, and they been given other treatments that are in research and are not observed improvement. With the plasma of patients cured of the virus, four of the five patients in critical condition have improved.

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In another study published march 23 in the British Medical Journal, of the ten patients who were treated with plasma of patients cured, three improved, and the other seven had also improved until when it was published the study referred to.

The owner of Health said that this day she called the doctors who raised that option, which seemed excellent, and added that they are conducting research protocols at the University Hospital of the UANL, and at the Hospital San Jose Tecnologico de Monterrey.

Clarified that it is not proven that this option to work, more than what was published in those articles, but should be taken into account that there is currently no vaccine and it will take some months to be available, and there is no one specific treatment against the virus.

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“This would be one more model, which to me seems excellent, hopefully it works, today I spoke with several patients that have already relieved (five of ten), and are willing to serve in this research protocol is to help others, to patients who are in very serious condition,” said Manuel O. Added that he will talk with the other patients already relieved, to see if they want to participate in this research protocol, which must be approved by the Ethics Committee of the Hospital.

On the other hand, the owner of Health said that in the entity for about 80 percent of the nuevoleoneses is following the recommendations to stay in their home, because the nuevoleoneses “disciplined”, while in Mexico City, only would be involved in the actions of self-isolation up to 30 percent.


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