Coronavirus. Scientists discover drug that kills covid 19


Researchers from the Monash university in Melbournein Australia, managed to verify that the ivermectinmedicine , antiparasitic, you can kill the coronavirus SARS-COV-2, the disease-causing covid-19, in 48 hours on testing “in vitro”, according to a study published by Antiviral Research.

The lead author of the study, Kylie Wagstaff, of the University of Monash, explained that “a single dose you can delete all the viral RNA in 48 hours and that, even in 24 hours, there was a reduction really significant”; however, only tests have been conducted in cell cultures, so that still need to do trials in people.

In a statement, the university stressed that the next step”is to determine the dose human right”, to make sure of what is needed to effectively treat the virus “in vitro” is a safe level for people.

The use of the ivermectin to combat the covid-19 depends of preclinical testing and clinical trials, and “are urgently needed funding to advance in the workplace.”

Although it is not known the mechanism by which the ivermectin acts in the corona, taking into account its action on other viruses, Wagstaff said that “it is likely to work to stop the virus’s ability to ‘dampen’ the ability of host cells to eliminate it”.

“In times that we are having a global pandemic and there is not an approved treatment, if we had a compound that was already available all over the world, that could help people before. Realistically -considered by the researcher-, it will be a while before a vaccine is widely available,” he mentioned.

The use of this medicine for combat covid-19 would depend, according to the scientific, the results of further preclinical testing and, ultimately, in clinical trials, with funding that is urgently needed to continue to advance the work.

The drug is approved by the Food and Drug administration of united States (FDA) also has been shown to be effective in vitro against a wide range of viruses, including the HIV, dengue fever, influenza and virus Zika.


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