Coronavirus. Secretariat of Health estimates that there are more than 26 thousand cases


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The Secretariat of Health reported that there are 3 thousand 181 positive cases of coronavirus detecteds, however, it is estimated that there are more than 26 thousand contagions that have not been diagnosedsaid Hugo Lopez-Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, but this does not imply greater severity of the disease because most do not present symptoms or require hospital care, was considered.

During the evening lecture, the official explained that they have 375 Units of Health Monitors of Respiratory Diseases, to monitor the behavior of the disease in Mexico and he said that according to estimates, by each confirmed case by PCR testing of laboratory covid-19, there would be eight that have not been detected in the country.

“What is seen, the epidemic is eight times larger, which does not change the decisions, when we had only 12 cases, with this systematic exploration was enough to make the decision today to begin the activities of social distancing,” he explained.

López-Gatell added that according to the data obtained from the percentage of tests that have been positive of the almost 17 thousand made in the country, has an estimate of 26 thousand 519 cases of covid-19 that have not been detected.

“For every case of covid-19 that I saw, how many there are that I didn’t see, those are finally these, 26 thousand 519 cases. Are not isolated, because if we had seen, we would have put in insulation. there will come a time that there are so many cases, that there would be no way or try and put in isolation each one of them, a moment that is not practical, that’s why one makes a decision massive and says ‘stay at home’, because one anticipates the spread massively,” he said.

He commented that due to that according to the estimates there would be a large number of cases that have not been detected, is the so-called iterative to the people to maintain social distance, and attend to the indications of the authorities to prevent os contamination of coronavirus.

In the meantime, in Mexico 174 people have been killed by coronavirus and 3 thousand 181 cases have been confirmed, reported this Wednesday the director general of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía.

Of the patients confirmed, 71 percent have been treated on an outpatient basis and 16 percent are hospitalized in serious situation, while those who required a ventilator to breathe accounted for 3.5 percent.

Data of the ministry of Health indicate that the majority of people over the age of 65 years have required medical attention second and third level; also, the greatest burden of deaths occur in this group.


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