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Laughter is the best medicine and, in the midst of the global crisis of coronavirus (COVID-19), any help is worth it. It is for this reason that a group of health professionals in Spain she starred in a video that became viral in the social networks emulating the choreography of a famous american singer.

To the rhythm of ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ of Beyoncésix doctors wanted to steal a smile to the users Twitterthat day-to-day you see your news stream full of reports about the terrible progress of the coronavirus at the global level, dancing in the hallways of a hospital in a high during your work day.

The surgeons are perfectly equipped to prevent the spread of coronavirusappear one-by-one following in the footsteps of the popular theme of Beyoncé, capturing the attention of users, whose opinion was divided between those who applauded their initiative and those who criticize your lackadaisical attitude in a hospital.

“You have to applaud at least two times”, “I don’t want to be party pooper but just in the room next door there are people dying”, among others, were some of the comments that were in Twitter; however, more than one came to the conclusion that it is better to laugh and “don’t spend your life crying.”


Christian Cueva launched the campaign “Donate-a-market”

Christian Cueva launched the campaign “Donate-a-market”. (Photo: GEC / Video: Facebook)



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