Coronavirus. Spain will cripple your economy by Covid-19


Madrid.- Spain suspended for two weeks, from this Monday, all economic sectors not essential for most workers to stay home, help stop the spread of coronavirus and prevent the collapse of the health system, especially the intensive care units (ICU).

With a new record of daily deaths, 838 this Sunday, despite the fact that the rate of spread slows down, the Spanish government today passed a new measure of “exception”, which further limits the productive activity of the entire country, where the alarm state is in effect since march 15, and, at least, until the 11th of April.

It had previously been decreed the closure of the centers educational, cultural, sports, leisure, bars, restaurants, hotels and shops as the clothing, among other businesses (not food or drug stores) to avoid concentrations of public.

“The measures of confinement are reducing the spread of the virus, but we must take it a step further” and to reduce as much as possible the circulation of people, argued the minister’s spokesman and responsible for Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, to explain the decision at a press conference.

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The Executive aims to lower the displacement of private cars and 85 % during all days of the week, as is the case on Saturdays and Sundays.
Montero explained that it is also that the economy “is in a hibernation” so that when you pass the worst of the pandemic, to “being raised” and “recover all our assets.”

The decision, advanced yesterday by the president of the Government, the socialist Pedro Sanchez, comes as Spain is the second country in the world in deaths and the fourth by infection.

However, recent data show a slowing down of new cases in terms of proportional increase daily, despite the fact that today marked a maximum of killed in a single day, 838, up to 6 thousand 528 in total.

Permissions paid and recoverable

The employees affected by the new measure, those who still went out to work, you will have a permit paid recoverable between tomorrow and the 9th day of April, in full Holy Week, a period that includes eight working days.

That is to say, will not work and will need to stay at home necessarily, be charged for the salary and later on will be extra hours to compensate to the companies.

It is intended to increase the number of people who remain in their homes to contain the contagion, and be able to ensure adequate health care and sufficient, as the UCI are at the limit of its capacity in six of the 17 Spanish regions and are close to saturation in the other three, with staff overwhelmed and exhausted.

The minister of Labour, Yolanda Díaz, considered that it is a new formula in which “all yield”, for both companies and workers, who will have to make up for the time not worked before the 31 of December.

“We’re not going to accept pressures of any kind”, stressed Diaz, as the “general interest” is what guides the Government in taking decisions.

The measure does not affect those who already teletrabajaban or were in temporary suspension of employment due to the confinement decreed, among other assumptions.

The Executive refused to establish differences in the measures of confinement and cessation of activity among the Spanish regions, as claimed by some regional presidents on the virtual conversation that held today with Sanchez after the meeting of the Government.

Infections slowed

Despite the new record of deaths in a single day, Spain is holding back progresivamene the rate of new infections, which rose by 9% between Saturday and Sunday, compared to 20 % last Wednesday and around 30% of several days the past week.

The total number of deaths is because of 6.528, while the contagion, added 78 thousand 797, after accounted for 6 thousand 39 in the last day, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

In addition, there are 4 thousand 907 patients in intensive care (7.2 % more) and the cured are 14 thousand 709, an increase of 19.7 % in a day.

“The evolution appears to be stabilizing,” he said in a press conference the director of the Coordination Centre of Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simon, although he insisted on asking for prudence.

To avoid the collapse of healthcare

According to Simon, the “fundamental objective” of the health authorities is a reduction in the number of cases that avoid the “massification” of the intensive care units of hospitals.

Although the deaths marked a new daily maximum, the increase is of 6 deaths, after the increase yesterday was 64 deaths, and Simon appreciated that this figure is also stabilizing.

The region of Madrid continues to be the most affected, with 3 thousand 82 deaths, which represents 47.2 % of the total Spanish.

The municipal authorities of the capital had to enable two morgues interim, one of them on a track sport of ice because of the saturation of the funeral services.

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