Coronavirus. Statistics and strategy; networks react to the estimate of 26 thousand cases of Covid-19 in Mexico


After the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, to estimate that in Mexico there are approximately 26 thousand cases of coronavirus, politicians and opinion-leaders reacted in real-time on their social networks.

During the daily report on Covid-19 from National Palace, López Gatell revealed that it is estimated that in the country there are 26 thousand cases of coronavirus. This means that for every confirmed case, there are at least eight that have not been detected by the health systemeither because they didn’t go to the doctor or because they applied the screening test.

To do this, one of the first reactions was the former president Felipe Calderón, whom he called “cynicism” the assessment of the SSa. “There are thousands of cases that went to consultation, were returned to their homes and denied the practice test #coronavirus”, she said on Twitter.

For his part Solange Márquez, article writer of this publishing house, questioned the estimated figures of contagion by Covid-19 in Mexico. “What about these bases is designed, the emergency policy in our country?”, he asked.

The economist Valeria Moy tweeted: “Well, thanks to @richardjensor we have the information that was presented today”.

The foregoing, then, that in an interview with the deputy secretary, the reporter Richard Ensor asked him about the government’s efforts to provide a black figure to the cases of Covid-19.

“How do you know that the sample is representative, if by definition excludes asymptomatic? and what is the margin of error and the confidence interval of the estimate?”, were the doubts of Alejandro Hope, also a columnist of THE UNIVERSALon the data provided by the method in Sentinel.

In counterpart Pedro Salmerón, who was the director of the National Institute of Historical Studies of Revolutions in mexico, defended Lopez-Gatell, for her ability and clarity in explaining the method of Sentinel.

“Do not warn dishonesty in López-Gatell… history will tell if the strategy of the HLG was right,” said Leon Krauze, a columnist for the Great Journal of Mexico.

“So soon, I appreciate the discussion will lead an expert and not a politician. Is gain.”

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