Coronavirus. Steroids and other treatments considered for the cure


Today, doctors face a challenge around the enigma of the disease Covid-19as you have not been able to identify if the virus or the response of the immune system are those that produce the deterioration of the organs of the patient in convalescence.

Taking into account clinical data, the researchers considered that the immune system it is the responsible of the death of patients, so that has driven the implementation of treatments that fight, however, fear that this means an obstacle to the ability of the body to keep the infection under control.

Daniel Chen, an immunologist said that his biggest fear is a response counter-productive in the face of these measures. “You can’t knock down the immune system in a time of struggle against an infection”.

In the battle for help people infected by the virus SARS-CoV-2, doctors “are testing cocktails of therapies that are not approved in a desperate attempt to save lives,” said a publication of “Nature”.

Kenneth Baillie, anaesthetist intensive care unit, shared that “people are watching how the patient deteriorate before their eyes, and there is a great motivation to reach any therapy that you think might be effective”.

Some of the first analyses conducted in China suggested that in addition to the devastating impact that made the virus in the lungs, the immune response is also involved in the deterioration in the health of the patient, and in some cases, causes death.

On the other hand, people who were severely ill with Covid-19, showed high levels of protein increased immune responses, as the cells “macrophages”, in charge of attack and damage to lung cells is normal.

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A drug that blocks the activity and the flow of macrophages into the lungs, it would be ideal to combat the disease, these already exist for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other disorders.

James Gulley, an immunologist at the National Cancer Institute of Bethesda, explained that there is not enough drug to supply the whole world, so that the health staff has resorted to the use of steroids, which dampens the immune system.

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“Steroids and some other therapies that act more broadly could significantly reduce the body’s ability to fight infections in general”, he considered.

Clinical trials against the coronavirus has already tested the steroids as an alternative functional, as is the case of the study, “Recovery”, a clinical trial that evaluated the dexamethasone steroid and other treatments.

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What is of concern to the reumatóloga Jessica Manson from the University College Hospital, London: “The evidence of outbreaks prior caused by coronavirus-related suggests that steroids have little benefit and could even delay the time it takes for patients to get rid of the virus”.


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