Coronavirus. Suspended funeral by the Covid-19 in San Luis Potosí


The delegate of the State Commission Against Sanitary Risks (Coepris), Carlos Alberto Aguilar Acosta, announced that the funeral services in the entity shall be suspended, is derived from the contingency for the coronavirus in San Luis Potosi.

At the press conference in the morning, the delegate of Coepris reported that the funeral directors were notified this Friday afternoon, where were temporarily suspended the activities of the revelation of bodies, this with the purpose of pay the preventive measures before the contingency of coronavirus.

“They notified the companies that provide these services in the city and the interior of the state a recommendation is very specific to avoid the processes of revelation, so that they can make the transfer of the bodies from the hospital or the place where death occurs directly to the process and burial or cremation”.

In this sense, the Secretary of Health of the entity, Monica Liliana Rangel, acknowledged that the cancellation of wakes and funerals you can be “as strong”, coupled with the loss of a loved one; however, this measure was taken to avoid an event of social contact that may lead to the spread of the virus.

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