Coronavirus. Test vaccine for tuberculosis against Covid – 19


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The scientists of the world are in a battle against time to develop a vaccine to protect against the new coronavirus to avoid the growth of the pandemic and in turn, protect the medical staff that is fighting the disease in the world. In the midst of the emergency, a group of australian researchers believe they have found a solution and will test to see if a vaccine against tuberculosis protects against the Covid – 19.

The scientists announced a few days ago that they decided to try large-scale vaccine used for decades against the tb to see if it can protect the medical personnel of this virus.

The testing of this vaccine, the BCG, will be approximately 4 thousand workers of hospitals australian to verify their ability to reduce the symptoms of the COVID-19, set out the researchers of the Institute Murdoch in Melbourne.

“Although originally developed against tuberculosis, and still manages to more than 130 million babies each year, BCG also increases the immunological capacity of the basic body, helping it to respond to germs with more force,” said the researchers in a press release.

“We hope that there will be a reduction in the frequency and severity of the symptoms of the COVID-19 for the health care personnel who have been immunized with BCG,” explained team boss, Nigel Curtis.

It will do similar tests in other countries, such as Holland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Coronavirus in the world

Find the way that this disease continue to spread in priority to the scientists, because until the first of April, according to the map of coronaviruses in vivo of the WHO in the world is recorded

827 thousand 419 confirmed cases and 40 thousand 777 deaths, with 205-affected territories. The numbers are changing.


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