Coronavirus | The controversial dismissal of the captain of an aircraft carrier in the USA that warned about an outbreak of covid-19 on-board


Brett Crozier

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Brett Crozier was the commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy

The criticism made by the captain of the u.s. Navy Brett Crozier caused him to be relieved at the charge, a decision that has generated controversy in the united States.

The commander of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt wrote a letter to his superiors in which they made a call to avoid that the soldiers on board to die for an outbreak of covid-19 on the ship.

“It requires a decisive action. Check out the majority of the staff of a nuclear carrier u.s. deployed and isolating them for two weeks may seem an extraordinary measure,” he wrote.

“We are not at war. The sailors do not have to die. If we do not act now, we’re not caring adequately for our asset more reliable: our marine”.

In the letter, dated 30 march and published by US media, Crozier complaint the u.s. Navy is not doing enough to take care of your personal.

Before this, the acting secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modlycriticized the commander Crozier, because it had that “had a judgment is extremely poor“in the situation.

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The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt arrived on the island of Guam, in the Pacific.

Most of 100 people on board the aircraft carrier have given positive the covid-19said Modly, but considering that the situation was under control.

The relay from the charge of captain Crozier has been criticized by democratic lawmakers, who consider that the punishment was disproportionate.

“Create panic”

In his letter of four pages, captain Crozier called for the members of the crew who were not infected were removed from the aircraft and placed in isolation.

He warned the Pentagon that the outbreak on board of your boat it was “accelerating” because the crew they lived together in confined spaces.

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On the aircraft carrier there are about 4,000 members, many of which are being reviewed and brought to land in Guam.

But this Thursday, the acting secretary Modly told the press that the captain Crozier was fired for supposedly filter the letter to the press.

Considered that the document “created the impression that the Marina was not answering their questions”.

That creates panic. Creates the perception that the Navy is not doing their job, that the government is not doing its job. That’s simply not true,” he said.

“Captain Crozier allowed the complexity of his challenge by the outbreak of covid-19 in his ship abrumara your ability to act professionally. And acting professionally was what was most needed at that time,” said Modly from the Pentagon.

“What we do and we should expect more of the commanding officers of our carrier,” he added.

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Modly (centre) said that the Navy is taking the relevant steps to protect the naval forces.

The crew are not infected of the more than The 4,000 crew members of the ship were quarantined in Guam, the territory of the united States in the western Pacific.

The governor of the island said that the crew members could stay while they did not have interactions with the locals. The sailors were restricted to the pier of the naval base.

What has been the reaction?

The handling of the situation has led to a response from democrat leaders of the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives.

“While captain Crozier clearly jumped the chain of command, his removal at this critical moment (…) is a measure destabilizing”, they said in a joint statement.

“Take to the commanding officer overboard without a thorough investigation it will not resolve the growing crisis aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt”, they added.

The mother of one of the marine covid-19, who spoke under condition of anonymity with the Washington Post, endorsed the so-called captain Crozier.

“My husband and I we are still thankful you asked for helpsaid that what was happening was not right. To our eyes, saved I do not know how many people in your boat,” he said.

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