Coronavirus: The deputy Ernesto Vargas donate his salary to the crisis by the coronavirus


Coronavirus Support to the health sector and the state of Nuevo Len

Ernesto Vargas is the president of the Commission
Ernesto Vargas is the president of the Commission of sport
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To barberry the effects of coronavirusthe president of the Commission sport of the Chamber of deputies, Ernesto Vargas donate his salary for the near months the grant amount to support the health sector and other ms for the state of Nuevo Len.

“I have decided to donate my salary to the 100% relatives three months or ms to support New Len and throughout the country with food and supplies for the health sector. Right now what’s more important is the people and their families, do what is socially correct” unveiled to the legislature on their social networks.

The member of parliament for the Party of Social Encounter (PES), which belongs to the eighth district of New Len recognized that to find us nearly in Phase 3 by the pandemic coronavirus it is a situation that is affecting the sectors ms vulnerable.

In das past, the deputy cancel a meeting with the owners of Copame, Conade and with the organising Committee Olympic Mexican treat on the processes selective to define the delegation to go to the fair summer of Tokyo 2020 and that is now postponed until July 2021.

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