Coronavirus: The false news which, probably, received by WhatsApp


Although the false news are not something new to the Internet, during the last days of health emergency in Mexico due to the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, some have taken force.

Through social networks and various means of messaging, in particular WhatsApp, have circulated audios and texts where it has been reported that “is going to enact the curfew,” or that there will be a “stock” in the grocery store.

In this space we will share some of these rumors have already been denied by the authorities and relevant institutions.

1.- The Government is going to close down the roads:

A text circulating on WhatsApp said that “given the concern of vacationers, on the occasion of Holy Week are transferred to tourist destinations” and have the risk of “carry or bring the COVID-19” will close roads using the National Guard, the Army and Navy who, according to this message, “you can stop the people who oppose the measures.”

This information was contradicted by sources at the department of Communication of the Government of Zapopan.

What is a possibility is the installation of filters health in income to the Metropolitan Area or the state of Jalisco, as already determined by the Government of Michoacán last Monday for their territory.

It is worth mentioning that the closure of roads is a drastic measure but that has not been taken even in countries where the pandemic is most serious effects, as in the case of Spain, where a few days ago the Ministry of the Interior denied that it is evaluating or preparing any restriction of the traffic.

2.- The SIAPA will no longer work:

Again, through the instant messaging service, has spread a message that says, “a moment ago you just know that the WHO, as of the day Monday it laborará more by contingency” and that, therefore, “it’s going to stop any work that is in execution”.

This information was contradicted by the System itself-Municipal Services of Water and Wastewater through a press release, in which asked users to ignore these messages and do not share them to avoid creating alarm in the population.

3.- There will be curfew in Jalisco

In different social networks has been circulating an audio recording in which a man, who never says his name but is directed to a person of name “Sonia”, ensures that sources close to Paul Lemus and the town Hall she was told that there will be a curfew and that, therefore, the people must be prevented and buy “everything necessary” because the business would have to close.

This audio was belied by Government of Jalisco, as well as the Municipality of Zapopan, who have denied that you are thinking of setting up a “curfew”.

Previously, he had already circulated another image “fake” that appeared to be a posting on Facebook of TV Azteca Jalisco, where he announced the “curfew” in Zapopan and helicopters rocíarían disinfectant.

This news is false he had so much movement that even the tv station had to clarify publicly that to spread this news fake someone outside of the company used its institutional image in a way apocryphal.

In the same sense, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador already ruled that you can order a “curfew” at the national level.

At the conference in the early morning of the 19th of march was asked the question: “Could there be a curfew?”. To which he replied: “No, that is another matter. Not to authoritarianism, not to the discrimination, because it springs all of that, the classism, the racism, authoritarianism; what do we do, just imagine, with a curfew? I respect the decision that was taken in other countries, (but) we don’t need that.”

Prevents spreading false news:

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