Coronavirus: The New York Times ranks Argentina among the countries with the best results against covid-19 | In position 83 of the weekly report on deaths per hundred thousand inhabitants

Argentina is in the 83rd place in the world count of deaths from covid-19 per one hundred thousand inhabitants, according to the weekly report it carries out The New York Times based on data from Johns Hopkins University. Although the increase in daily cases in recent weeks took the country to 27th place in infections per 100,000 people, the good rhythm of the vaccination campaign makes the gap between the numbers of new infected and those of deceased is increasingly wide . The country is in tenth place in the world registry of population vaccinated with at least one dose. This Sunday the national Ministry of Health reported 73,319 new cases and 27 deaths.

According to the updated tracking published by The New York Times, in the last seven days Argentina had a daily average of 40.6 deaths from covid-19, which places the country in 25th place globally, in a count led by the United States, with 1,663.6 deaths per day, followed by Russia, with 792.1. However, in the registry of deaths per hundred thousand inhabitants, Argentina falls to number 83, with 0.09 daily deaths. The report highlights that the country already has 74 percent of its population with a complete vaccination scheme, while the countries that are in the first positions are characterized by having a lower level of immunization.

Among the top seven countries in deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, only San Marino exceeds 64 percent of its population with two doses, while Bulgaria, in fifth place, or Georgia, in third, show 28 and 31 percent. cent respectively. In the first place is Trinidad and Tobago, with 1.68 daily deaths per one hundred thousand inhabitants and a vaccination that reaches only 48 percent of its population with a full schedule.

Although the United States and Russia fall in the register by population, they still remain in the top 20 positions. Russia, with only 47 percent of its population vaccinated with the full schedule, ranks 14th with 0.55 daily deaths per 100,000 people. The United States, meanwhile, is in 18th place, with 0.50 deaths and an immunization percentage of 62 percent.

A very successful vaccination

“Argentina is in seventh place in daily cases of Covid but in position 83 of deaths per million (sic). Undoubtedly an evident testimony of the great Argentine vaccination”, highlighted in his Twitter account Ernesto Resnik, immunologist, molecular biologist and Argentine biotechnologist who resides in Minneapolis, United States. In terms of daily cases, this week Argentina reported an average of 80,442, ranking seventh out of a count also led by the United States, with 714,070, followed by France with 232,145 cases per day.

If the population variant is also taken for infections, Argentina drops to 27th place, with 179 new infections per day for every one hundred thousand inhabitants. “Bring all the other possible vaccines despite the opposition, decide to start vaccinating even if the second dose was not there, produce the Astra Zeneca vaccine locally, Sputnik, decide to mix vaccines for second doses, vaccinate the children”, were some of the points that Resnik remarked on the Argentine vaccination campaign, points that he described as “great goals”.

According to the vaccination report, Argentina is in 28th place in the population vaccinated with a complete scheme, while with one dose it is in tenth place, with 86 percent of the population vaccinated. The United Arab Emirates, the country with the highest percentage of vaccination in the world, has 99 percent of its population immunized with one dose and 94 percent with the complete schedule.

The immunization report also shows the great inequalities in the distribution of vaccines globally and indicates that “Africa has the slowest vaccination rate of any continent, with only 13.8 percent of the population receiving at least one dose of a vaccine “. “About 72 percent of the vaccines that have been made worldwide have been administered in high- and upper-middle-income countries. Only 0.9 percent of the doses have been administered in low-income countries.” .

The epicenter in Europe and the United States

As the report shows, based on data from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Science and Systems Engineering, the epicenter of the rise in cases in recent weeks is today in Europe and North America, “reported by each one more than one hundred cases a day for every one hundred thousand people, the highest rates of the pandemic. ”

On November 29, less than a month and a half ago, the United States and Canada together reported a daily average of 23 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This Saturday, January 8, between the two countries reported 189 cases for the same proportion. In the case of Europe, in the same period the figure jumped from 49 to 134. “The ultra-rapid spread of the Omicron variant pushed the global case burden to new highs, with more than 1.5 million cases reported daily at the beginning of the new year “, highlights the report.

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