Coronavirus. The people understood economic plan, the specialists do not: AMLO


By reiterating that the country is soon to be released economic impact generated by the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador he said that the mexican society understood what it is about the economic plan to revive the economy, but not what specialists, because, he noted, are accustomed to the prescriptions of the neo-liberal period, which can only aggravate the crisis.

“We will move forward, we will not overcome coronavirus. We announced a plan yesterday to revive soon economy for all the mexican people to know, people if you are going to know what I’m talking about, the specialists do not, because they are accustomed to other actions, were left in the almanac, they want the recipes of the neo-liberal period we have already said that they are not going to apply because these do not resolve the problem, on the contrary, it aggravates and only deepen the corruption”.

At a press conference in National Palace, the holder of the federal Executive charged that the specialists are used to rescue the above, “that is not part of the tax, to increase the price of gasoline as it was before, no increases in wages, to dismiss employees, etc.”.

“All that is summed up in saying that tighten the belt the people, “no way, it is a global crisis and there is more to do than to sacrifice”, now the government is tightening the belt, that’s why some say where is the plan to revive the economy, because what they want is a banderazo output to again establish the corruption in Mexico and that no, it was very clear.”

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The representative pointed out that justice is to give more to the one who has less has because “there cannot be equal treatment among unequal, we cannot be thinking of anything more on the above and give the back to the bottom”.

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