Coronavirus: the supermodel Heidi Klum thought he was infected and isolated immediately


The awareness about the coronavirus it is increasingly large. There is a lot of information and no one wants to hear a positive diagnosis as yet there is no vaccine and there have been several deaths because of this virus.

That’s why when last week Heidi Klum began to have several of the symptoms of the coronavirus decided to withdraw from a film. Through their social networks, in which Instagram is already more than 7 million followers, the former supermodel was sharing all her feelings: she said that I felt fever, cough, chills, and runny nose, all symptoms of the coronavirus. This led to autoaislarse of her husband, the musician Tom Kaulitz who also was returning from a tour with the same feelings.

In one of the posts made three days ago were given a kiss through a glass and the networks broke out: they managed to almost 2.800.000 likes. In addition to the driver of Project Runway expressed in their networks so sensitized that was by the current pandemic affecting the world and raised awareness among about the importance of isolation before the symptoms of the virus and caring for those one loves the most.

But finally, everything went well for Heidi and her husband who received a resuttado negative before the test. Of course Klum compartiò the moment with her followers.