Coronavirus: the U.S. becomes the first country in the world to report more than 2,000 deaths per covid-19 in a single day and exceeds that of Italy in the total number of people who have died


The US surpassed Italy in the number of dead.

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The US surpassed Italy in the number of dead.

The figure is astronomical, and terrible: the U.S. became on Friday the first country in the world to report more than 2,000 deaths from coronavirus in a single day.

According to the count performed by the Johns Hopkins Universitysome 2,108 people killed in the country in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths there rose to 18.586.

With those numbers, the united States surpassed the number of deaths by the pandemic, to Italy, which up to this 10 of April had registered 18.849 fatalities.

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But it was not there: the north american country, approached half a million confirmed cases of covid-19, with 496.535, an increase of 35.098 in the last 24 hours.

The White House itself has admitted previously that the actual number of hiv infections in the country could be between eight and ten times greater.

Given the paucity of evidence that have faced the american health care system to detect the positive cases it is believed that the number of dead could be much higher than the official figure.

The dead and the economy

The announcement of the increase of the victims took place hours after the president Donald Trump ensure that the curve of infection in the country was “flattening”.

The president announced, in addition, the creation of a new working group to focus on the reopening of the u.s. economy.

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Trump said Friday that the curve of the infection was “flattening”

“We will announce shortly. Probably Tuesday,” said the president during a briefing session daily.

According to some controversial initial estimates of the White House, between 100,000 and 240,000 people could die in the united States of coronavirus.

However, this Friday, Trump said that the projection had been reduced and that they expected that they were less than 100,000.

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