Coronavirus: the united states, us, Usa, asymptomatic, and 40% of the infected – the Last Time


(ANSA) – ROMA, 12 LUG – Approximately four out of every 10 people are infected
from the coronavirus are asymptomatic, and approximately one-half of the cases
before the infected get sick of it emerges from the
the new guidelines have been issued by the U.s. Centers for control and
prevention (Cdc), according to a report from Cnn.

In accordance with the current “best estimate” of the Cdc, 40% of the
people who are suffering from Covid-19 is without symptoms, you read in the new
guidelines. This is an increase from the 35% estimated for the
the last day of the 20th of may.

It has been up-to-date in addition to this, the method of calculation of the rate of
the mortality rate of the infection, which takes into account the
in both cases, without symptoms, or those who are symptomatic, contrary to the
the former, which was based solely on symptomatic cases:
the rate is now 0.65 percent, or 0.65% of the people
infected by the Covid-19, a death.

Nearly half of all infections are transmitted prior to the
people are getting sick, an increase in the percentage of in comparison to 40% of the
as estimated in may. (ANSA).