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After that China was the epicenter of the coronavirus in December and January to early march the focus shifted to Europe, with Italy and Spain as the countries most affected; however, the situation changed again yesterday, when the united States became the country with the highest number of cases recorded, with more than 100 thousand people infected and with New York as its territory more affected by the death of almost 10 people per hour in the last day.

Still in MILLENNIUM coverage minute by minute with the most outstanding news about the coronavirus at the international level today, Saturday, march 28. In addition, remember that here you can find what are the symptoms of Covid-19 and what steps you can take to prevent it.

Quarantine in NY would be a “declaration of war”: governor

The governor of New YorkAndrew Cuomo, noted that the president’s proposal to Donald Trump about submit to New York to a mandatory quarantine would be a “declaration of war” and “states”.

So far, New York is home to nearly half of the patients confirmed Covid-19 in the united States.

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We will win this war: Trump

The president of us, Donald Trump, issued a message via Twitter in which he pointed out that with the contribution of scientists and their population, the united States will overcome the Covid-19.

“When we achieve this victory, emerge stronger and more united than ever!”, it reads in the message.

Baby under 1 year dies in the US

Health authorities of the state of Illinois reported that a baby younger than 1 year lost his life after testing positive for Covid-19.

The death occurred in the city of Chicago; so far, the united States reports more than 100 thousand cases of coronavirus.

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Trump discusses quarantine to NY

The president of the united States, Donald Trump, has said it is considering a quarantine in certain areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Through its Twitter account, the president said that the decision will be made shortly.

Russia announced the total closure of borders

Starting on Monday, Russia completely shut down their borders to combat the spread of the coronavirus, announced this Saturday the authorities.

According to a government decree, Russia “will restrict temporarily the traffic of entry and exit at all border crossing points by road, rail and sea starting Monday at midnight.

Spain reaches a new record in deaths daily by coronavirus

Spain today reached its highest number of killed by coronavirus in 24 hours, when you post 832, but continues stabilizing the number of hiv infections, with 8 thousand 189 new cases, i.e. 12.8 per cent more, reported the Ministry of Health.

The total of deaths by the pandemic reached 5 thousand 690 deaths and 72 thousand 248 contagions.

Postpone nuclear conference because of the pandemic

The 191 signatory nations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty agreed defer ncein the review of your application due to the pandemic coronavirus, reported the UN.

It is considered the treaty the cornerstone of global efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and the parties met every five years to discuss their status.

The conference was scheduled for 27 April to 22 may in the UN headquarters in New York.

The spokesman of the UN, Stephane Dujarric, said that the conference will be held “as soon as circumstances allow, but in April 2021 at the latest.”

Map of the coronavirus in the world in real-time

According to figures from the World Health Organization, 27 march at 18:00 hours, totaling more than 500 thousand confirmed cases of coronavirus a global scale, with more than 23 thousand deaths in a total of 201 countries.

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