Coronavirus united States: a Five-series Netflix to finish watching in one given during the quarantine


Coronavirus United States Few episodes and of short duration

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Coronavirus-united States live

Lace series which offers Netflix are for many people the best entertainment that you find in these weeks of confinement by the coronavirus. Some, if you have free time and feel like it, you can devour even in a single da.

As we see

Based on actual events, tells the famous story of the five Central Park. Five teenagers who were convicted in 1989 without evidence for a rape they did not commit after being forced by Police to plead guilty. Thirteen years after, in 2002, they were exonerated after to prove his innocence. In 2014 they had to be indemnified by the city of New York for the suffering. The series consists of four captulos of short duration to reconstruct the case.

Black Mirror

One of the best choices that you can do on Netlix. There are five seasons, but each chapter is a stand-alone story that makes sense by itself. The series of ficcin poses problems that can generate the technology to the society in the future, although some already are present in our days. The captulos last aprximadamente an hour, and catch the viewer from the start.

Sex Education

One of the series of the moment on Netflix and ms followers. Comedia britnica which chronicles the adventures of two teenagers riding an office clandestine sexuality. Tratarn help their own companions of the institute on questions which are asked with regard to sex in their first steps.

The Sinner

Jessica Biel stars in a normal woman who becomes a killer after suffering an attack of anger. The series delves into the psychology of criminals to try to understand why people make sometimes crmenes atrocious.


Ficcin india on a house and a book haunted. Three intrpidos ghostbusters tratarn capture the spirit that dwells in the house to put an end to the restlessness that produces the stranger’s presence. For lovers of the series of fear.

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