Coronavirus variant arrives in Andalusia

If you or someone close to you is experiencing symptoms such as severe sore throat, conjunctivitis, or digestive tract pain in addition to a fever or headache, you are likely affected by a new variant of Sars-Cov-2: Eris.

Covid-19 cases are on the rise over the past 20 days. According to Health, in the first 14 days of August, The incidence rate in primary care is 88 cases per 100,000 inhabitants Many of these were linked to the new variant he discovered over the summer, including travel and meetings without mandatory wearing of masks or other precautions, its spread highway. It is worth noting that the World Health Organization recently warned that the virus has not been eradicated and continues to spread and mutate.

in Andalusia

The Ministry of Health and Consumerism of the Andalusian Junta recognizes that: New strains discovered in our community. However, the current incidence is very low, so this does not imply an increase in healthcare, either primary care or hospital care. Nor does it mean that the severity of the case has increased.

so we keep the same Do the same for the most vulnerable to guard against the virus that is still among us. Especially the elderly, those with chronic diseases, or those with weakened immune systems,” they noted.

Furthermore, they concluded from the committee that, for this strain, low incidence It does not expect cases to become more severe, nor will the vaccination strategy change in the fall.

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