Coronavirus: what countries have banned alcohol in the quarantine?


Are three countries that have announced they are suspending the sale, consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages, until the end of their prevention measures, to the health emergency by the coronavirus (COVID-19)to prevent spread, and infections.

Panama imposed a Dry law to avoid crowds of people and reduce crime in the country, because people are disobeying the curfew, creating disturbances and consuming alcohol in the streets, which leads to non-compliance with the quarantine and the mitigation of contamination of COVID-19.

Greenland has banned the sale of alcoholic beverages until 15 April, as the country wants to inhibit the violence and sexual abuse against minors, during the isolation due to the global pandemic that is lived by the coronavirus.

Zimbabwe is a country located in the south of the african continent, which also banned the sale of alcohol in all its national territory during the quarantine, to avoid mass gatherings, social disorder and further spread of the virus.

The Secretariat of Health reported on April 2 that there are 896,450 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world and 40,598 deaths. Until now, there have been people living in 205 countries (America, Europe, Africa, Western Pacific, Southeast Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean).

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