Coronavirus: when does an infected with the Omicron variant stop spreading?

As is happening in different parts of the region, infections with the variant of Omicron coronavirus, the circulation is already there, for this reason, it is necessary that prevention measures be taken against the third wave, which is present throughout the Argentine territory. Among the main symptoms of the latest variant, so far, are those that can be confused with the flu, such as ffever of more than 37.5 degrees, headache, sore throat, cough and nasal congestion.


A study ensures that Ómicron has a very low mortality rate and gives good signs for the future of the pandemic

A South African investigation found that only 4.5% of patients with Omicron died, compared to much higher percentages who had other strains of the virus.

The University of Hong Kong conducted a study on the transmission of the variant Omicron, which, as they specified, is spread more times, which they detailed as higher than “70 times” with respect to the Delta, affecting the area of the bronchi. As revealed by the experts who carried out the tests, by presenting “greater viral load” in the area in the upper airways, it begins to produce the transmission of COVID-19, just in the course of the first hours after contracting it.

But experts from the house of high studies, and in other laboratories, indicate that, according to the results of the tests on the evolution of infections and infections with the Omicron variant, the transmission period of the virus would be shorter, with respect to the other variants.

Whereupon, during the moments before having the first symptom of coronavirus, the person already begins to transmit the disease and spread it, and after the disease manifests itself, in the case of Omicron, agree that the period in which they are experiencing the disease, already confirmed, would be only five days, which could also vary for those who are vaccinated, but, for all, it could be extended for up to the next two weeks, while the incubation lasts and symptoms do not manifest.


A study ensures that cannabis could prevent coronavirus infection

Researchers at Oregon State University in the United States found, in a study, that cannabis managed to isolate healthy cells and prevent the coronavirus from penetrating them.

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