Coronavirus will not be the tomb of the 4T


“The arrogance is not greatness but swelling; and what is swollen looks great but is not healthy.”

St. Augustine.

For many critics of the president López and his Fourth, the end of the six-year period has come, the tomb of “the transformation” was already dug, lends itself to bury occurrences, injustices, stupidities, and stupidities.

Particularly, the political class opposition, most in the elite with their respective red circle, consider the loss of popularity of the president shall be the acabose electoral first in 2021, with the Chamber of Deputies and 15 gubernaturas in game, and after, triumphalist, they lopezobradorismo the National Palace to 2024.

The net, I think that they are hallucinating.

Let’s be frank, the majority of the population in this country is very far from the spectrum that represent the macroeconomic performance and public policy, regardless of whether they affect them directly, the people good and wise do not understand, nor want to understand, of low credit rating, the collapse of crude oil or contractions monstrous of GDP… AND there’s someone who wants to explain it in your language.

Lopez has lost millions of voters in the middle class, but has earned millions of others in the lower classes, including many young people who will be of voting age for the next election and that, to top it off, they don’t understand well well that is why it is called opposition.

Accustomed to the speech half-hearted and mammon, the opposition is unable to connect even with a significant minority of the market elections that are perceived as morally defeated, politicians, small with the tail between the legs not atinan to construct a discourse that directs the courage and frustration of millions of mexicans. Until the day of today there is no rival, at least medium, to the president.

Dragging the weight of bureaucratic partidocracia and do not understand, even with the example represented Brunette in 2018, that what is urgent for the country is the construction of critical currents, but above all empathetic that manage to form a great movement of opposition against the Fourth.

If Lopez the exhibits, the insults or the sobaja, respond with statements that you just imported or published deployed that no one reads anymore, they send little letters that resemble the same vice that have the poets without fame, the texts can only be read and applauded among them.

When the crisis burst in their maximum point, they will be guilty of all because this is what will be in the Palace… And no one will defend.

No way, I bet the moderation in the times of the posverdad, perhaps that, rather, his own grave.

Of colophon

It is very easy: the majority already was fucked, very fucked, and so many jodidera sometimes do not notice the difference.


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