Coronavirus. “Without face cloths not contendremos the virus”


Chinese experts working in the hospital Leishenshan, built in less than two weeks to combat the coronavirus in Wuhan, defended today the mandatory use of the face cloths as an essential measure to contain the outbreak.

“Not using them is stupid”, said the specialist Wang Xinghuan, director of the Hospital of Zhongnan and responsible of Leishenshan during a guided tour for the media.

According to Wang, the use of the mask among the population constitutes “a measure of the scientific protection”, and also serves to prevent medical workers from getting infected.
“If not used, will not be able to control the epidemic,” he said.

In addition, Wang explained that the quarantines they are imposed to restrain the spread of the outbreak must be strict, as the one that was launched in Wuhan for weeks, and said that “the voluntary in homes do not work”.

The expert added that “they do lack a lot of tests to detect the sick and the asymptomatic, or to whom you have to isolate the outside of the home to not infect others”.

He also argued that the patients recovered from Covid-19 should spend two weeks in quarantine after being discharged as a precaution.

Meanwhile, the deputy director of the Hospital of Zhongnan and expert in the emergency department, Zhao Yan, said in the same meeting that the virus and its symptoms may manifest themselves “in a different way in the West with regard to China”.

“The loss of taste and smell, for example, has changed in Europe and the united States. This makes us think that the virus is mutating. We need cooperation,” he said, and added that the most important thing now is to “prevent outbreaks”.

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“Surveillance is fundamental in Wuhan,” warned Wang.

In the city, cradle of the pandemic, there are now 44 cases suspected of have contracted the virus, according to the latest data released today by the National commission of Health of China.

Also, two people died in Wuhan in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths in this city amounted up to now to 2 thousand 577, according to the agency.

The practical absence of new confirmed cases -Wuhan sum of 50 thousand 008 contagions of the 67-thousand-803 detected in China – led to the authorities to lift the past 8 of April the restrictions it had imposed on its inhabitants after 11 weeks sealed.

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Wuhan managed to reverse the situation, among other factors thanks to the construction express the hospitals of Leishenshan, which began admitting patients last February 8.

The center has a capacity of around 500 thousand beds, but today there are only 14 patients there.

In its walls are still the signatures, acknowledgments, and messages of encouragement written for the physicians during the worst episodes of the outbreak.

It was the second hospital built in just a few days after the Huoshenshan, which became one of the paradigms of the “chinese miracle”, while in the best propaganda tool of Beijing in the fight against the disease.

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The works of Huoshenshan began on the 23rd of January, and soon the state media disseminated images of more than a hundred of construction vehicles, especially excavators, working tirelessly in a vast surface area.

In addition, these hospitals express have worked under the tutelage of military physicians, some from hospitals in the people’s Liberation Army and other universities of the different branches of the armed forces.


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