Coronavirus. Young man who tried to commit suicide in CdMx dies a day after


Mexico city /

The young man infected with covid-19 last Wednesday he attempted suicide, died Thursday of a respiratory condition complicated, confirmed the Secretariat of Health capital.

On Wednesday, elements of the Citizen Security department of Mexico City prevented the man in the Hospital General “Enrique Cabrera” it was thrown of the roof of the building.

The fact was recorded when the police officers that monitor the hospitals were alerted by doctors of the place, in the office of the mayor Álvaro Obregón, who indicated that the patient of 29 years, with covid-19, had a nervous breakdown, so I went out by the emergency stairs and climbed up to the roof.

At the hospital activated the code black and the officers are strengthening their security measures: use of welding helmet, mask and latex gloves; then they moved to the top of the hospital and they found the man who was thrown into the void.

Following a dialogue with the subject for 15 minutes and before I tried to throw himself, the uniformed, the stage was cancelled, which prevented tragically. Subsequently lowered to the patient and settled again in his bed.

Repair error

The remains of Golden Angel Salinas, 52, who died Tuesday morning at the General Hospital of Mexico, for possible covid-19because they are at home, but ash… His body was cremated by a family that was delivered by mistake.

“When I was handed the ashes of my dad, I felt a peace that I cannot describe, I realized that what we had back,” said his daughter Beatriz Dorado, in an interview with MILLENNIUM.

After 48 hours, since his death, authorities of the hospital gave the face to the families affected. The cited 10 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday at 1 in the morning, the ashes of Golden Angel are handed over to their relatives. The remains of Antonio Gutierrez are also with your family.


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