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Atlein Printemps/Été 2024: Corps in the State of Grace

Antonin Tron presented the new collection printemps été 2024 d’Atlein, fronces et myths féminins sont au program.

The young Parisian label, created in 2028, Atlein, sought to change the production industry’s codes for responsible practices. Athlena’s fashion is très proche du corps feminin, simply sensuality and respect.

This season, the designer is inspired by female mythology, the aura of important women, their role in culture, in particular in cinema, Hollywood and all the glamor that she herself does.

Atleyna’s Hollywood is drapery, fronce, decouvert, asymmetry. The great glorification of the female body, tout de suite, we think of Azzedine Alaïa, a master sculptor who glorified the female body with a genius so rare today. Antonin Tron seems to want to infuse this voice into his rhythm, with his inspiration, his universes, his icons and his muses, as well as the “but” meme. Make a woman strong, proud, possessing her kidneys, her strength and her weakness.

A young girl with a full future here relies on strong values, morals and ethics, attention to detail, construction with remarkable inspiration and a popularity that starts with celebrities such as Aya Nakamura, Kylie Minogue or Adele Exarchopoulos encore with her faisant déjà confidence. .

Credit Photos: Atlane

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