Corsham Mystery, Wiltshire: Underground Mystery Called “Burlington”

Corsham, Wiltshire, a place that hides a fascinating and mysterious secret under its surface. At the center of this charming city is an intricate underground labyrinth known as “Burlington”. In this detailed study, we learn the history of this military bunker during the Cold War, its unique characteristics, and how you can visit this place today, which defied time and nuclear threats.

The Secret History of Burlington

In the Cold War era, when the threat of nuclear conflict was always present, the United Kingdom was looking for creative solutions to ensure the continuity of government in the event of a nuclear attack. This is where the compelling history of Burlington comes into play. This underground bunker was built over 120 feet near Corsham, Wiltshire, and was intended to be used as the headquarters of the British government in the event of a nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union.

Perfection hidden underground

The Burlington is much more than just a bunker. It is a complex underground system spanning over 35 acres, including hidden alleys, basements and many other key structures. Among its main features are fully equipped kitchens, efficient laundries, large storage areas and even an underground lake. However, the greatness of this complex does not end there.

The Incredible Complexity of Burlington

One of the most striking features of Burlington is its architectural complexity. Inside are the prime minister’s offices and operations rooms, a radio studio, the attorney general’s telephone exchange, the Lamson terminal room and associated fan room, and murals from the Quarry Operations Center. These details demonstrate the care with which this place was designed, which was to play a vital role at a critical moment in history.

Step into the past: visit Burlington

Today, the opportunity to reveal the secret of “Burlington” is not available to everyone. This once highly secret place is now closed to the public.

It is important to note that, despite its grandeur and historical significance, Burlington has been abandoned since the 1980s.

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