Could David Ayer’s Director’s Cut of ‘Suicide Squad’ Be Real?

Twist: For years, director David Ayer complained about the rehashing of Warner Bros. in his 2016 Suicide Squad, dreaming of a director’s cut in the style of Zack Snyder and Justice League. Surprisingly, the new DC Studios might be seriously interested in this thing…

Director David Eyre never accepted permutation What Warner Bros.. worked on his Suicide Squad 2016: covering ad Justice League Zack Snyderhope for one director’s cut similar, which will allow him to fix heavy changes what a movie with Will Smith AND Margot Robbie suffered. Until recently, it was only hopebut from what he previously tweeted, it could happen… Before proceeding please follow the link below where you can find a summary of Ayer’s vision as he said three years from now.
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DC Studios not ruling out ‘Suicide Squad’ director’s cut?

As we all already know DC Universe in progress reload To James Gunn AND Peter Safranleading new DC Studioswanted by CEO David Zaslav after the Discovery group bought Warner Bros.. Now these are not the best circumstances to hope for a reboot of a relatively unsuccessful film from past management such as Suicide Squad, which did take home $746,847,000 million at $175 (it was mostly torn down by fans and critics, but still picked up). No matter what, it must be remembered that Gunn loves the Suicide Squad so much that he signed up Suicide Squad – Suicide Mission in 2021, confirming some of the characters from Ayer’s film, harley quinn alias Margot Robbie forthcoming. So it’s not surprising that David Eyre write about yours now The “Real” Suicide Squadin response to a fan who ironically used it to suggest not trusting Warner/DC:

Yes sincere curiosity, interest from many people. And I know there’s a group of people who like laugh at the movie. Your comment is a perfect example of how much discussion of the 2016 film has attracted many people. in a negative way. Have you ever had an experience in your life that didn’t go the way you hoped, dragged you along and forced you to rethink everything? It happened to me. All I know is that my movie is doing a lot better than the studio version. Interest in showing my version seems concrete and organic to me. Gunn told me it was time to share it.. He absolutely deserves to launch his DC Universe without being distracted by the drama around the old project.

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