Could it be the space station, so that the safest place to Be in front of the Corona Virus?

191 Pandemic-corona-virus, the Covid-19 has been widely used, and is endemic in almost all corners of the world. However, if it is a place that can not reach the most likely the virus, it is the International Space Station ( ISS).

Instead, without a cause, space station of the earth at a height of more than 400,000 kilometres a number of procedures that need to be passed has encircled.

It is made so, the ISS is safe from the various pathogens that are potentially dangerous.

The station is jointly operated by the American space Agency ( NASA), Russia, Japan, Europe, and Canada. In fact, it’s a research lab, the most important room in the world.

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“Prior to deployment to the International Space Station, the crews are quarantined and observed for any symptoms of potential and tested. This is a good filter,” said Luis Zea, researchers from BioServe Space Technologies at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Started NewsweekOn Thursday (19/3/2020), NASA said that if the measures of quarantine that is applied to the astronauts, before they are sent to the space station, launched in a Soyuz capsule from Kazakhstan.

Quarantine is not to be done to ensure that the astronauts get sick or incubating the disease, if you are up on the ISS.

“I would say the ISS is probably one of the first place of the corona virus so far,” says Zea.

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According to Courtney Beasley, a spokesman for the space Agency, NASA took steps to prevent the crew carrying the disease, like the flu or other diseases on the ISS.

At least the astronauts will be sent into space, have to be quarantined for two weeks.