Could Los Libertadores close due to the rise in cases?

Less than a week after the Los Libertadores Complex was enabled for tourism, there are voices in Chile calling for the closure of land borders, a request echoed by many Argentine media. However, putting the situation in context, there are two things to consider when analyzing the situation. The first is the number of people who are moving between the two countries and the second is the place from which the order comes.

As Memo indicates, in the last point mentioned, the request was made by the Medical College of Chile (Colmed), which has put itself in the opposition to the health management of Sebastin Piera and was the one that also demanded stricter quarantines when in In the neighboring country, some activities began to be made more flexible after the improvement in the emergency figures.

The voice against the official health management was carried louder by the former head of Colmed, Izkia Siches (former student leader of the Communist Party) who left office to be the campaign manager of president-elect Gabriel Boric and who now sounds strong for some important position, including the Ministry of Health.

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Siches was always critical and pointed to the application of stricter restrictions, despite the level of control that the Chilean government had at the worst moment of the pandemic. For this reason, now – and with a leadership that is going in the same line – it is not strange that greater restrictions are called for and the opening of borders is criticized. The management of Colmed has been permanently contrary to the management of the current Minister of Health, Enrique Paris.

Movement on the border

Another point to analyze is the real impact of the movement between the two countries on the spread of the micron variant.

Chile has delayed the increase in cases more, although an increase in the number of infected is already being registered. In favor of the neighbor country plays the percentage of the population with booster doses and that is close to 70% of the target population, with more than 11 million people. In addition, during January the start of the application of a fourth dose is planned.

With that data on the table, movement at land borders appears to have little relevance to the outbreak. If we go to the numbers, There were just over two thousand Argentines who traveled to Chile in four days and just over a thousand Chileans who came to this side of the mountain range.

The beaches of Reaca earlier this week

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That is to say, the movement continues to be minimal and very controlled, based on all the requirements that the neighbor country put for the entry of foreigners through Liberators and that, in short, ended up demotivating -especially- many Mendoza who planned to spend their vacations on the trans-Andean beaches.

Today there is no analysis of a border closure at the central level of the Government of Chile, although What cannot be ruled out is that the openings of other border crossings that were scheduled continue to be postponed and they were suspended by micron. Let us remember that only Christ the Redeemer advanced in the opening of which at least five other complexes were part.

Although no measure is ruled out, according to the sources consulted by Memo, currently the focus of the health situation in Chile is not focused on the borders, but rather on the internal movement of Chileans themselves to the beaches and other tourist centers. In addition, the unvaccinated are another issue that is being worked hard, a situation for which at the beginning of the year the Chilean government disabled the mobility pass (health pass) to all people who had not yet received the booster dose.

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