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Deaths from COVID-19 didn’t start “after” the World Health Organization declared a pandemic. Photo: La República Template/Screenshot on Facebook. | Template “Republic” / Captured on Facebook. | Template “Republic” / Captured on Facebook.

COVID-19 is mentioned again for spreading misinformation on social networks. “There is no epidemic. It started after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the death A pandemic was declared,” said a Spanish voiceover. viral video The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times on Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter) and TikTok.

According to the clip, the deaths that began just after the announcement were allegedly not caused by SARS-CoV-2, but by “incorrect treatment by the hospital with ventilation (intubation) and remdesivir (drug)” Caused. “All doctors who sedated and ventilated patients were guilty of murder,” he added.

These statements are by Michael Yeadon, who appears in the English-language content of the exhibition. He had been working as a “vice president” at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, the post revealed.However, the video contains false information.

Disinformation about COVID-19. Photo: Taken on Facebook.

COVID-19 deaths started before it was declared a pandemic

this World Health Organization (WHO) Learn about the city’s first “viral pneumonia” epidemic Wuhan, ChinaOn December 31, 2019, nine days later, he reported that Chinese authorities had determined that their infection was caused by a novel coronavirus.besides March 11, 2020 Declare the disease (already dubbed COVID-19) a “pandemic” . This is based on the chronological order in which the World Health Organization responded to the situation on its website.

As of that date, the international entity maintains, through its report dated 20 January 2020, that Wuhan has recorded ‘six deaths’ of COVID-19 patients And confirmed cases outside China (Thailand, Japan, South Korea).

return, Several countries reported deaths from novel coronavirus before declaring a pandemic. For example, on February 15, 2020, Le País reported that France announced its first death from COVID-19. A few days later, France 24 reported that US President Donald Trump had confirmed his “first death” from the disease.

At Verificador, on the other hand, we’ve debunked the notion that the pandemic doesn’t exist.identification SARS-CoV-2 Scientific Reports, published in the New England Journal of Medicine and Nature, considers this.

About Michael Eaton

Obtaining Yeadon’s speech in English via the Pinpoint tool, we discovered that the voiceover statement about the COVID-19 death was a Spanish translation that was slightly different from what he actually said in the exhibit. The full video of his intervention in English can be found on the Rumble platform on the Oracle Films account.The page reported that it was “a demonstration in London’s Trafalgar Square” that took place at May 13, 2023.

Michael Yeadon’s video was found on the Oracle Movies account on the Rumble platform. Photo: Web Capture/Rumble.

In Verificador, we deny that Michael Yeadon is a “Vice President” of Pfizer. Yes, he did work there for over 9 years, but he never held the position.

Additionally, other European verifiers such as Maldita and Newtral have also dispelled the misinformation spread by Michael Yeadon about COVID-19 and vaccines.

in conclusion

Records show that the death toll was Coronavirus disease has been reported since WHO declare the disease as Pandemic. Therefore, we classify these publications as fake publications.

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