Covid-19 empty shops in the CDMX


The second phase of prevention Covid-19, is affecting coffee shops, bars, restaurants. Photo: Cuartoscuro


The call to guard to avoid the contagion of the Covid 19 in its Phase 2 in the Mexico city, it is different for each area of the capital of the country; while some colonies emblematic for the trade as the Zona Rosa, Roma and Condesa wore deserted this weekend, the Center of Coyoacán had a medium level of visitors, mostly families walking in this part of the city.

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During a tour that made the Group Picture for these areas of the the capital of the country at different times of the day and night, you could see the streets deserted and the shops without users and most of the bars closedwhich will generate losses for the owners, employees, and even for the so-called “come come” that have seen reduced income in its entirety.

The Zona Rosa one of the areas of the Mexico city that brings together bars that open their doors before noon and close their doors after 2 a.m. of the following day, they had their doors closed, the restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages had few parishioners despite the fact that some workers and youth to walk Reform to the Metro Insurgentes, looks empty this part of the city.

Cafes, restaurants, bars of the colonies emblematic of the City of Mexico, as the colony Roma, Condesa, Polancoeven in the Fountain of Cibeles the picture is bleak. A scenario that affects both owners and employees that have seen reduced income.

For Jessica Knight, an employee of the Coffee Boycott in the colonia Condesa your income between Friday and Saturday exceed gratuities one thousand five hundred pesos, in the present, before five in the afternoon had 20 pesos, because there is not a clientele that is as close to breakfast in the hotel.

“Really if it has affected us quite a bit more with the flow of people, the street looks completely uninhabited, and therefore if we have been affected a little bit,” he said.

Streets later the Picnic area Countess, gives you a discount on the foods that are requested via phone for take-out, trade dedicated to various foods, their specialty burgers.

Even with all the measures of health required by the authorities of the government of the capital, looks like desert in a time that in previous weeks it was completely packed.

For Sergio Gurrea, an employee of this Picnic area, his sales have fallen by 95 per cent because most of his customers are employees of offices or government offices area of Patriotismwho are working from home.

“We have customers, the people who work in the area, and since she is now in a Home oficce quarters, can not leave, can not come to eat at the restaurant,” he said overwhelmed.

Where nothing happens, and the sanitary restrictions applied by the mayor Coyoacan the businesses that imposed a maximum until 21:30 hours, it is in the iconic Center of Coyoacan, where the shops that surround it, especially in that dispense alcoholic beverages, had their customers account drops, the majority of them young people.

To Antonio Rodriguez, who lives one block from Central Park, the visit of people was increased this week, primarily in the park where families and couples live together forgetting about the healthy distance.

“In business there has been no influx of eating food, but what is in the park, if I see that they are leaving the people”, he explained.

What is a fact is that the second phase of prevention Covid-19, is affecting coffee shops, bars, restaurants will have to pay at the end of the month an income that ranges between 20 and 50 thousand pesos depending on the zone, a payroll and the payment of the inputs that are not consumed this weekend.

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