COVID-19 in Valencia, Alicante and Castellon

Friday, September 8, 2023 17:34

Health Minister Marciano Gomez announced this Friday that the Valencian community will begin coronavirus and influenza vaccinations for vulnerable patients during the week of October 16-23.

Gomez made the statement to the media after chairing a meeting of the Castro Provincial Government Council when asked about the Valencian community’s COVID-19 response.

“COVID-19 is a viral pathology that has persisted and what happens is we have a pandemic and that seems to be the only thing that matters, but we also have flu spikes, although it was true last week that case numbers have stabilized, “He said.

The head of the health department recalled that an inter-regional committee meeting will be held next Tuesday to harmonize vaccination standards. “We have done our homework and we will start vaccinations against COVID-19 and influenza during the week of October 16-23, which from a health and epidemiological perspective should be targeted at vulnerable, immunocompromised and Vaccination of high-risk groups,” he added.

Also regarding the coronavirus, he explained that at Tuesday’s meeting, standards will be harmonized and the citizens of the Valencian community “will have the best vaccine currently on the market, able to immunize everyone in the best possible way. “In line with Department of Health policy, that’s what the vaccine guidance has set out for us. “

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