Covid-19 was not created by man, assures the united States


The intelligence services of United States Thursday announced to have come to the conclusion that the new coronavirus it originated in China but “was not created by the man or modified genetically“.

The intelligence services are still looking for “to determine if the epidemic is started by a contact with infected animals or if it was the result of an accident of laboratory in Wuham“, city of china where did the pandemic, said the intelligence directorate in a press release.

“The intelligence community in its entirety provides constantly a critical support to political leaders and to those who struggle against the virus (causing the disease) Covid-19 that originated in China,” said the National Intelligence Directorate (DNI) in a press release.

The intelligence services are added and “the broad consensus of the scientific community” regarding the new coronavirus “was not created by humans or genetically modified,” added the text.

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It also states that “it will continue to analyse with rigour the information developed to determine if the epidemic started with the contact with infected animals or if it was the result of an accident of laboratory in Wuhan“the chinese city where he began the pandemic.

This public statement comes after president Donald Trump said that he did not rule out seek compensation from Beijing by the epidemic of coronavirus.

According to the american media, Trump asked the intelligence services to determine the origin of the virus, attributed to a market of Wuhan before that will kick in suspicions about the leak of security in a laboratory of that city.

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“We are not happy with China,” said Trump on Monday. “We’re not happy with the whole situation because we believe that they could have stopped it from its origin.”
“Could have been stopped quickly and there would not have spread throughout the world,” he said in his press conference daily about the pandemic.

“There are many ways in which you can hold them accountable (to the chinese),” said Trump. “As you know, we are carrying out investigations very serious”.

According to a recent survey from Pew Research, 29% of americans believe the virus was created in a laboratory, and of them 23% thought that it was intentional and 6% accidental.

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The government of Donald Trump has made harsh criticism to China and the WHO, and blamed them for not having stopped the disease that has caused the death of more than 220 thousand people all over the world.

The secretary of State of the united States, Mike Pompeo, has not ruled out that the virus has originated in a laboratory of virology in Wuhan and has demanded international access to this research center.

China rejected the theory and its scientists have said the virus probably was transmitted to humans in a meat market in Wuhan who sold exotic animals, although chinese officials more recently questioned its origins.


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