Covid, 20 million vaccine doses are about to be thrown away. Since the start of the pandemic, 2 billion euros have gone up in smoke

New COVID vaccines are becoming available. The forecast is approximately ten million doses, of which 2.9 million will be Novavax and the rest Pfizerboth updated with new options virus, this number is only half of the total needed to adequately vaccinate those over 60 and those considered vulnerable.

The estimate is provided by La Stampa, which highlights that a side effect of this new batch will be the disposal of about twenty million old vials, which are now obsolete because they were designed for a previous version of the virus.

Total between vaccinations close to expirationno longer suitable or useful for treating new variations infection, an estimated 102 million doses have been wasted since the start of the pandemic, equivalent to the cost 2 billion euros. The average cost of a vaccine is approx. 19 euros for each bottle.

The waste situation is further aggravated by the fact that 60 million doses they are close after the expiration date and are donated to Africa, but they often end up in the trash due to problems storing them at the correct temperature. Over the years, 61.2 million doses of Pfizer plus 2.9 from Novavax will arrive in Italy.

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