Covid: more than two million children between 3 and 11 years old have already been vaccinated – Society

“In just three weeks after the pediatric vaccination strategy against Covid-19 began, at least 2,201,917 children between the ages of 3 and 11 began their schedule with the first dose of the Sinopharm laboratory vaccine, which represents 32, 9% of this target population, “reported the Ministry of Health.

Since Tuesday, October 12, when it was launched throughout the country, “childhood vaccination has had a high level of adherence,” added the health portfolio.

Pediatric vaccination “is a fundamental step to minimize the impact of the pandemic, because it allows not only to protect children against the disease, but also has an impact on reducing the chain of transmission. Thus, it implies a benefit individual, but also collective, “added the portfolio headed by Minister Carla Vizzotti.

“The progress that vaccination has had among the adolescent population is also strong. 61.5% of young people between 12 and 17 years old have already started their scheme (2,566,733 people), and 16.7% have completed it. (737,531 people), “the official statement said.

93.4% of people over 60 years of age have already received the first dose of the vaccine and 88.7% of this age group completed their scheme.

Among those older than 50 years, 93.6% had a dose and 87.9% completed the scheme.

In relation to the total population, 75.4% started their vaccination scheme; 56.7% finished it, while among those over 18 years of age, 91.1% had a dose; and 77.4%, two doses

“These high vaccination rates explain the current epidemiological situation in Argentina, with a low level of hospitalizations in Intensive Care Units (ICU) and deaths from Covid-19. In that sense, the occupancy of ICU beds is below of the 600, the lowest figure in the whole year and a number that had not been registered since before the first wave, “the official information concluded.

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