Covid will point summit in Mexico the 6 of may: López-Gatell


The under-secretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell given to know that the peak of the epidemic, met forecasts mathematicians, will on the 6th day of may. He emphasized that this can be accomplished “if and only if” citizens stay at home, to comply with the national day of healthy distance.

“This is important, because if we started to go out of the house this is not going to comply and there will be an increase of the epidemic,” he explained.

He stressed that the most critical points of the epidemic are presented in the City of Mexico and the municipalities conurbados, which makes up the area of the Valley Mexico. It is for this reason that the undersecretary of Health showed the graph of this part of the country to represent the height of the epidemic in our country.


He added that other high transmission areas are Tijuana, Baja California, Culiacán, Sinaloa; Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo; and in the state of Tabasco is Villahermosa and other points of the entity,

He also emphasized that in Nuevo Leon and Jalisco, where are the other big cities of the country, the epidemic is controlled and there is a high number of infections.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that Mexico it is located at the peak of the pandemic, but –as said – this makes that you approach the moment of the trend go downward.

“We are in the moments of greatest crisis, the most critical moment, but at the same time we will, because we’re going to go to the poor, according to the projections, we’re talking about these 10 days,” he said.


The president, Lopez Obrador indicated that the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER), and is patient, so he called the population to go to the hospitals and medical units that still have the ability to care for patients infected covid-19.

“In the case of the City of Mexico we have beds enough, to guarantee that the people to cater to, but that we have to go to the beds available and not to go where there is already saturation to expect,” he said.

He highlighted the high-quality service that is provided in the INER, “but as it is very good the quality of the service are the specialists, then there are more people but already in this institute, because you can’t get more sick because it is already full.”

López-Gatell noted that, in the City of Mexicothe INER, the Hospital of Nutrition, and the Heart of the south zone of the City, known as the “area hospitals”, are saturated.

“We tell you already not to go to these hospitals to cater to people with Covid because they are at their limit of capacity, but that does not mean that the entire health system is at its maximum capacity, we have other hospitals that have average or high availability,” he mentioned.


The president, Lopez Obrador sent his condolences to the family and friends of singer-songwriter Oscar Chavez, who died yesterday in the City of Mexico of coronavirus.

“We was yesterday, the teacher Oscar Chavez; our condolence meaning to your family, to your friends, to the millions of followers of his music; we will always remember”, he said.

(Luis Ramos)

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